Update on beta by dom? Any one?

Does anyoe have any latest info from dom. ?about the beta sending?

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no news about that at the moment unfortunately, still haven’t received my beta invitation

Let’s hope it will be soon : )


But he said: “Please give it some time. I will post an update when the invites are sent out.”

So let’s just wait for the announcement and be patient : )


I don’t think anyone has an update as of now. I do reccommend you to Join the discord to maybe help get announcements to you faster. I think the discord may be a little more informative with info like that considering a bunch of people are on and questions will be asked lol


join the discord to keep real time up to date info about v2. you can ask dom or other staff any questions you have in the questions channel!:slight_smile:


Please don’t make topics like this. We have continuously stated that no one knows anything. When Dom posts an announcement, the forum will be the first to know.

If you want any intel, join the discord chat. Have a good day.


There should be a seperate section dedicated to beta questions at this point.


he said not this week, so look in the next couple


I had originally closed this topic because it violated some parts of the guidelines, but after further consideration I decided to re-open and change the conversation category from General to Hype.

All official news about the beta will be posted under Announcements. We appreciate your continued support and patience. :cowboy_hat_face:

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited for an app before in my life!! I really do appreciate everyone that is working so hard on this.

I don’t think @MattFogarty ever opened a post after closing it

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The hype is so real!!


This is true. I just wanted to give people a place to discuss view points/feelings. I understand some have been waiting for sometime for the beta/app and while we are trying our best, I just didn’t feel like it was appropriate or fair to close/shut down the conversation around the beta. So here we are. :innocent: more good news to come. Thanks for being a part of the community. It’s been a lot of fun seeing it all come together.


Thanks for opening it again ! :blush::grin: