UPDATE: Lola Emergency room... Plz pray ByteFam

Lola is in the hospital… Plz pray… The doctor said her urine is the darkest he had ever seen… Something is wrong with my little girl… :sweat::fearful:

We are waiting on a call to see if she need to stay over night. Doing X-ray and tests…

She does nooot have covid :pray::+1:

A wildcat and BF said at least she pee-peed… Very full bladder… So I did give her lots of water, water mixes with wet food…

:cold_sweat::fearful::sweat: My little girl… Mommy ans Daddy loves you Lola… Im so scared it’s something really bad… Aaaand today is my BF birthday! Oooh Lord…


Oh my gosh :frowning: prayers :heart::heart::heart::heart:


Also, happy birthday! I know your day must be stressful, but I hope you have somewhat of a good day. I hope your day turns around and becomes better. Happiest of birthdays :pleading_face:


Thank you loves :sweat::pensive::pray::sparkling_heart:

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:slight_smile::blush::sparkling_heart: It’s BFs birthday, sorry I was stress posting if I forget to say BF lol

And yeaah! Thank you again sweets. :tada::blush::tada:

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Hope things are looking better


Thank you @devynb :slight_smile::blush::pray: She is doing good. Could be better, but Love and cat nip should help :slight_smile::herb:


So Im going to skip to the good stuff about Lola. You can watch my byte posts. Buuuut here’s the good news today.

One really big thing is, Lola is not or has nor purred since last Thursday… :pensive: Mommy would like to hear her purr… I get it, she’s not feeling good, just want to hear it. The other two girls purr loudly around Lola. Comforting. And, lol, I purr around her and on top of her head :smile_cat:

So ring a bell oh a collar to get Lola to Purr :bell::bell::bell:

Lola need to get back her appetite. It’s good, like I say, could be better. Lola like corn lolol It’s very interesting! (I made a byte about it like in… Jan? Feb?) Sooo, BF and and I thought, oooh doi! Cream corn! Licked it up!! Yeeees! :sob:…then she stopped like it… Mmk…what else…mmmk… Ranch! Yes! All three girls love ranch! That works! Then…stopped again…

Water needs improvement… She’s not drinking on her own…But can wet cat food with lots of gravy! That works! :sob::+1::sparkling_heart:

So tired…but Mommy and Daddy will stay up until we both felt she could sleep good…I need to sleep, tag! BF turn.

After I woke up, BF told me she ate about 15 to 17 things of cream corn from BF hand when I was sleeping :pray::sob::sob::sparkling_heart: fang-tastic!

Mmk what should I do… Ooomg CAT NIP!! Doi!!! :smile: She eats it! Yes… Mmk, and yeeeea!!! It worked! :sob::sob::pray::slight_smile: awesome!

Water wise… :flushed: Cat nip tea! Yeees! Tried that… Mmm… Lola looked at it…smelled it… So I told her, “If you want cat nip, your gonna have to drinking it… Cooome ooon lol” Cat nip floated… Still not drinking on her own… From my hand work! :sob::+1: (yeeeees I washed my hands longer the 20 secs lolol calm down lol :yum:)

Aaaah!! Gramma gave BF a Birthday gifts… She said there’s soft, cat treats…:flushed: that with work!! :sob::sob::sob::sob: SHE ATE 4!! Aaaah!!! She finally ate! Ooomg :pray::herb::sparkling_heart::sob:

she is sleeping on my foot right now lol.

The other two girls were so good with Lola :sob::blush: They check-in, layed near her and try to do normal things around Lola.

Aahaha!! The oldest (17 year old) Smasha and Lola are laying close to one another hahah and they did a normal sister battle!! :laughing::laughing::laughing: oooh delightful :yum::smile_cat:

Forgot something, Doctor said 10 day medication… 3rd time lol suuuuper fun, trying to get Lola to take her med… Im doing good about it. Gravy helps and then cat nip tea helps.

Soo, thank you everyone. For praying, words of affirmation, kind encouragement and understanding. :blush::herb::sparkling_heart: