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I, like many other creators both big and small, have a HUGE problem with the rebyte groups. Much like vine it just keeps those who have a following on top and prospering while making it harder for smaller and more independent creators to gain traction. It seems in order to gain any additional views or interactions you MUST be willing to sell your byte soul to the rebyte crowds, which I am not. (I will only rebyte content I personally and truly enjoy)

That’s why I believe a new page should be introduced: Up and Coming.

While the Up and Coming page sounds similar to the New and Trending, I think it should have a different mechanic. Up and coming should only feature creators with less than X amount of followers (whatever that may be). This gives creators who are smaller and not willing to be a part of rebyte groups a chance to gain exposure without the competition of bigger byters who have acquired more exposure already. I feel like this would cut back on the number of posts on these forums complaining about rebyte groups AND the number of posts where people are wondering why their videos are only getting 10 or so likes.

Ultimately, it would give more creators a spotlight while also giving viewers more options on the content they can see and enjoy.

Let me know what you think of this idea!


I think that its a good concept, but it 100% needs some fleshing out. I think that instead of less than X followers, it could be something the folks over at byte could choose themselves. They find a small byte creator they think has lots of potential and put a byte of theirs on the Up and Coming page. I still feel like this system is flawed though, so I need to put more thought into it.


I agree. This idea was something I thought of and just elaborated on as I wrote the post. It could definitely use some refinement!

I’m just trying to think as someone who is new to the app and only intends on being a viewer. You check the popular page one day, like some of the posts and come back the next. Only to find out it’s the same users on the popular page again the next day. If those users aren’t that persons cup of tea, they’ll lose interest and stop checking all together. If vine was only a bunch of Lele Pons and Piques, I wouldn’t have been such an avid user of it lmaooo. But as time went on users Like Chris Melberger, Cody Ko, Danny Gonzalez and Drew Gooden started to gain traction and it kept bringing me back to the app!

There just needs to be more avenues for smaller users! However that is accomplished, I’m here for it :relieved:

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I feel like I saw something said in the engagement

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They literally already do this with Spotlight. There are a variety of creators on Spotlight.


The whole rebyte4rebyte fiasco and better content discovery has been a hot topic here for a while. I started a thread about this that got a lot of replies a week ago.

Content discovery is going to be improved a lot on the app soon, as Dom outlined in this post recently:

IMO, the r4r stuff will continue to flourish as long as there’s a ranked trending page of any kind, like the Popular page and the various channels that show the trending videos in each one. If that is replaced with a better discovery vehicle that has no ranking, r4r will be largely neutralized. Also, if people just started unfollowing those who abuse the rebyte feature by engaging in r4r, that would help deter it, too.


I think this is a very interesting idea that can be explored, experimented, and implemented. I agree with you, the app is great, but it is very hard for small, new, and up-and-coming creators to start and gain some attraction since the already established big creators basically dominate the field. It seems almost impossible for anyone to break in and stay relevant unless they cheat the algorithm, I wouldn’t mean “cheat” in a very bad way, but this whole R4R thing is frowned upon.

I am confident Dom and the entire byte team are working very hard on this, and I am 100% confident they will come up with a better system to fix this. I believe in Byte team and this community.

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Your post is what inspired my idea, thanks for linking Doms response! Looking for to when & what they implement to help the community grow!