Unpopular Opinion: Video Ideas ๐Ÿš€

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Byte videos I wanna see (Share your link below if you have already done so or if you know someone who has done it)

a. Living in an Android world vs living in an iPhone World

b. That moment you realized you were really a nerd

c. When the UBER or UBER EATS thinks theyโ€™re getting a tip

d. That one guy who believes in every superstition

e. When a person nickname is longer than their real name

f. When the teacher says to read this book, but you have the movie version

g. When someone calls you by your government name in public

h. When your fit friend tells you why everything you eat is bad for you

These are ideas to consider, take advantage :rocket::handshake::clap:t4: Iโ€™ll rate the best ones and rebyte


I unintentionally kind of already did the โ€œdโ€ one hahaha

The people who believe in medium superstitions

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lmao this is really funny :joy:


Very good ideas๐Ÿ˜ฒ might use some in the future

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You should

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Yeah ikr :clap:t4::rocket:

Lol, I enjoy your content :rocket::clap:t4:

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C. And h. Have potential

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H but while theyโ€™re telling you not to eat junk food theyโ€™re shooting up steroids lol