Unpopular Opinion: Byte Custom Sticker/Emoji/Emote

Disclaimer: I’ll keep this short and simple just dumping my thoughts about the Byte Emoji. Again, these are my opinions

I might be the only few people that actually like the custom emoji however, it has been growing on me lately. I can admit as well before that I didn’t have taste, now I do! (hopefully, this can sway for many :slightly_smiling_face:)

Looking back at this thread:

There are some positive comments and opinions about the emoji looking like “kids sticker” which was my initial reaction. Theoretically speaking, adding this can give users options to use it or ignore. I’ll say this 80%-90% of emojis I have I don’t use… I’ll admit they’re kiddish too :man_shrugging:t4: I’ve learned to be open-minded and not to limit my options but to explore.

Discord Community Emotes:

Join Discord Community

if haven’t https://discord.gg/QyVghmr

My personal favorites are the category theme emojis the most since it’s different and unique. This will be something cool react or comment. However, these emojis do match the Byte theme.

Reaction Emoji:

I peeped that the community forums has the custom emoji already (maybe, one day eventually be on Byte app).
:aww: :blep: :tear: :what: :wow: :ohno: :mad: :hibanana: :questionmark: :exclamation: and more.

Wouldn’t this be a stunning feature in the app, just imagine? It can be exclusive emojis only for those who want it or reward creators with unlocks. If added the first thing I’ll use is the Comedy & Wierd emote in my bio.

Dump thoughts about the Byte emoji whether you for or against it - state your reasoning why as well.


I really like the emotes that Shilly designed, they look so cute. That would be cool if byte had its own style similar to other Social Medias

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I like the idea but long as they add stonks emote I’ll be fine with that



I peeped, I like the emote that Shilly did :star_struck: and @Alexjakobz had an idea about custom emotes. (Buts a topic for another day.)