Unplanned Collab Etiquette?

Hey y’all. Let me get this out of the way first: I know I’m probably about to sound like a huge nerd. Now to the question. If you see a video and want to respond/interact with it on your own channel, what’s the proper etiquette?

I see a lot of music collabs in particular that seem like one person saw the video and just decided to sing/play over it without reaching out to the original creator. Which I’m thinking is probably fine? But because I am in fact a Certified Dork I worry that if I did the same (with music videos or others) I’d be breaking some invisible rule.

So what do you guys think?

What is or would be your personal code of honor in unplanned collabs?

(Do you think it depends on the content of the video?)

If it was your video being used would you want people to reach out to you/give you a heads up first or would you be fine seeing it without prior contact?

**** Follow up question for any who may say it’s okay not to reach out first: Do you think you should caption it in a way to make it clear it isn’t a planned collaboration? (i.e. say “Inspired by @" rather than "collab with @”)


I would just recorded it and just @ them in the title :+1:


I’d ask them first. It seems like something to do out of courtesy.

I would love for someone to ask me if they could use my video (unless i visibly noted otherwise). Ive done one greenscreen challenge without asking the original creator first, but thats more of a “have fun, here’s the material” kinda thing.


If it were m, I’d like at least a heads up and a preview of the clip before posting just so i know its something that i would approve of. Plus its makes creators feel nice when they’ve been reached out for use of their content :grin: :grin: :grin:


Advice: Consent is key then give credit to the creator. Make sure the creator is aware and okay with it. I say “inspired by @” if I remade the clip or used portion of the clip that was already published. I say “collab with @” basically the clip wasn’t published but sent to me exclusively.


That’s pretty much the distinctions I’d expect/use. Thanks for the input!


I feel pretty much the same about both, but things like greenscreen challenges/music bytes where it’s unclear if it was an agreed upon collaboration made me want to check in with the community.

(Basically I didn’t want to message someone asking to use their video and have them say “uhhh yeah you don’t have to ask, Nerd” :grimacing:)


If it were me, i would like to see what it the video is that i am in or just a heads up of them asking me if that’s cool or not.


It’s obviously safer to ask for consent, but I think a lot of people don’t care as long as you make it clear that it wasn’t a planned collab. I personally love it when people collab with my stuff, regardless whether or not they ask me first. Other creators may feel different.


Aye :handshake::ok_hand:t4:


I figured some people wouldn’t care (but you never can tell who). Thanks for your feedback!


No matter what the content is, I think the right thing to do would be to let the content creator know that it’s happened. I think most people would appreciate a tag in the title


Oh for sure. That seems like a bare minimum requirement.


For me it’s pretty simple. As long as I’m tagged in the caption, I am all for taking audio or video clips from my bytes. It’s almost more enjoyable as a surprise. With that said, it’s always safer to reach out first, especially if you don’t know the creator prior.

Some thoughts:

  • If I am mimicking a concept, I normally put “idea by” or “remake” and @ the individual in the caption. I typically use these when I am changing the punchline, but using the original concept. I did this on one of my recent posts, actually.

  • Tagging the original creator in the comments, rather than caption is a no-go. I find that to be a slap in the face.

  • Even if you didn’t get notified prior, take the remake as a sense of pride. Someone took the time to reference your content and clearly enjoys what you do. It’s all for fun at the end of the day.


As long as credit is given where credit is due :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s a point I’m sure we can all agree on. Always :clap: credit :clap: in :clap: caption :clap:

Glad to hear your perspective overall. Thanks for sharing!


Get that young permission sir.


I’m with @BrendanCescon and @horndizz, people are welcome to use something of mine as a rehash or unplanned collab without consent as long as they give credit in the video caption (not buried in a comment), even if they are making fun of me. I think it’s fair game if you’re posting videos publicly on the interwebs.