Unofficial Twitter accounts of V2 (Beware)

There are some unofficial/fake Twitter accounts of V2 and they are saying the name of the app is V2 which is fake. Also they are selling merchandises which is horrible as hell. They are doing this for attention thatโ€™s all. So beware of unofficial V2 accounts

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Some people have too much time on their hands :woman_facepalming::angry:

yes, there are quite a few out there. Itโ€™s disappointing that so many people think theyโ€™re legit

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And beware of BabyAriel as it is an unofficial v2 account on the forums! It may not actually be the musically star BabyAriel we are speaking to! :joy:


Yep, i will never know what are the purpose of that people

We should do this :point_down:t3::point_down:t3::point_down:t3::point_down:t3:

thank you