Unofficial - Open Source v2 Forums App

Hey everyone! I moved this post to a new topic as it is now simple to get the app. Please see the instructions below for new details.

v2 Forums Custom App

Custom v2 forums app made for all iOS platforms! This app allows you to view the forums at in a beautiful app environment. Currently, the app is a single-site WKWebView application with no added features - updates will be released soon.

How to Download the App

The app has been approved for TestFlight deployment. I will not post it to the App Store without @dom’s approval, so for now I am inviting users via TestFlight. Please go to this link to request access: access form

App Features

The v2 Forums app has all of the same features as the website. You are able to log in and interact with the entire site. In addition, you are able to go back and forward through previously visited pages by swiping left and right

Updates Coming Soon

  • Automatic updates (refresh function)
  • Support for notifications
  • And more!

Bug Reporting

If you stumble upon any bugs or would like to learn more, you can message me on the v2 forums @jack, or via TestFlight. Thanks!

Open Source

This app is available as open source for the v2 community to enjoy. Please see Github to view and download the source code

This app is not affiliated with, endorsed, or specifically approved by v2 and its associates and they are not responsible for it.


Thanks for this. If you’re an Android user just read this thread to get a Kind of App as well which works perfectly like the forum.


how long should it take for the app to be sent

@Comicor I just sent out the first batch of invites. Check your email.

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Hey @kaden, I just moved my old post to this one as the download process has changed, you can now get the app via invite. Also feel free to post this in the FAQ too, and let me know if you want an invite; I know the last download process was long, this one is way simpler. :grin:

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Just sent out the second invite batch. Let me know if anyone has any questions or issues.

Nice, but what we do the people who have android?

People who have android can use this solution in the temporary. I am working on getting android app made. Will keep this post updated.

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Still haven’t updated to iOS 11 :sweat_smile:


Ah, had to make the app for iOS 11 so I could get it working with iPhone X. Will look into making it compatible for earlier operating systems too

Just signed up for the download, thanks for making an app it was really needed :slight_smile:

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Great! I just invited you. Let me know what you think and if you see anything that needs improvements!

I just signed up too :grin: could you invite me

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Yep! Check your email :laughing:

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Thanks :grin:

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Very nice opening screen, everything seems to be there and in the right place, but something I would suggest is the format. I like the familiar look of the desktop, but to make it more minimal as it is an app, maybe creating a unique app friendly interface is the way to go. (Ex. Apps usually have more fluid movements than desktop).

Here are some quick sketches as to what the interface could look like:

This could be the home page, the three bars in the corner opens:

The User’s info, Settings, messages, etc.

Other than that, there are no glitches so far, works great!

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Glad you like it! I have wanted to make it a bit more streamlined as it is an app and some parts are still a bit clunky. Problem is I am essentially embedding the website into an app, so in order to streamline it I would have to use Discourse APIs (and create some as well). It would essentially be a fundamental redesign of the forums for an app view, and I am not even one of the v2 staff, so I don’t have access to all the features. I did however, just stumble upon Discourse’s Github and everything is there for a mobile app as well as their APIs. I will play around with it a bit and see what I can do. Another cool part is I found their notification API, so I may be able to get push notifications working in the next app version. Fingers crossed!

And, speaking of Github, for anyone interested in looking, modifying, or contributing to the source, the Github page can be found here.

Thanks again for making it and good luck!

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Just fixed a bug causing the screen to be partially obscured on iPhone X. Fix should be rolled out in a few days. Keep the bug reports coming!