Unofficial Minecraft Byte Server

Hey, Byte community!

With Minecraft being a whole channel on Byte, I wanted to create a server that everyone can join and play on, so I did it!

It is currently running Java, 1.16.4, and is whitelisted.

In order to join, simply join this Discord and put your name on the whitelist channel. All server login info can also be found on the Discord.

Anyone from Byte can join, and the server currently has a 50 player max.

Hope to see you there!


What kind of stuff do u do on your server

Nothing yet. It is vanilla and open to exploring.

Open to hosting maps and having events, depends on what people want.

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Sick I’ll check it out :ok_hand:

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Thanks for sharing. I’ll join you! Speaking of which, how long have you been playing Minecraft? I think I’ve been playing this game since its release date. I haven’t played this game in the last couple of years because I’m tired of it but last week I accidentally found a couple of interesting articles about Minecraft on Inversegamer. I was so interested that I decided to play again and this week I have already played more than 20 hours. Usually, I rarely start playing games that I have already played, but Minecraft has won me over.