Unofficial Discord for the Good Old Times

Hi everyone! I’ve been here a while but never really chatted just lurked and watched! I created a discord for a couple friends of my so we can go back and remember the gold old times and what I noticed is that a lot of V***s we can’t seem to find with just the three of us! But then I remembered that its easier to find something in numbers! I would love for you all come to join where we can all help each other in finding those classic six-second videos we all grew up on! I know that its hard to be constantly talking with everyone at every second of the day but I feel that a discord just to meet new people and talk about those great six-second videos would be an awesome thing for us! While this is not a V2 directly related discord, I feel that a lot of us would find the use of this to help each other find those classics! Please don’t hesitate to join! (Mods delete this if not allowed!)

Heres the link ----> <----

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Absolutely man! I’ll join!