Unlisted bytes

Instead of deleting because maybe you would want to put the byte back up could we have an option to just unlist our bytes?

Love to do unlist for some of my ones back in beta. :eyes: ahahaaaaaaa


Ya I’ve asked for something like this before, like an archive button or something (though I was asking 'cause I got my ass DMCA’ed), but I agree. Some of my older stuff I’d like to not show but leave up.


Delete delete delete


Or maybe archive or privatize some bytes bc I feel it sometimes. Like I probably have some content that I grew myself out on and I don’t want it on my profile anymore but I feel like it’s a big loss or such waste deleting them


Completely agree @dom pleeeeeeease :triumph:

I would really like this actually. I think it would be better for preservation purposes too, people wouldn’t need to feel so compelled to delete what will be early and historically important videos.

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