Unique Feature

Ok Ok Ok i know I’ve been putting out alot of good ideas lately and i just can’t stop coming up with them so heres another one I’ve been thinking about

Snapchat Facebook and Instagram are three of the most widely used social media apps. What do these apps have in common ?

Stories byte will have 6 and a half second videos theres no reason to have stories at all because most stories are about 6 to 10 seconds and it would just make no sense

This feature is to be implemented with teams so we have a community discord as everyone should know and we all talk through text and voice chat what if a team can link a discord server and interact with their audience in a new way for social media

Also this is a really old idea i was supposed to post this a week and a half ago


This is a good idea, but I feel it can be accomplished by adding a link from your discord to your team’s profile. I’d like to see in-app chat rooms.


sounds good! but how would this be implemented? is it like a subreddit sorta thing? (im a noob in discord stuff hehe)

P.S ur ideas always be on fire :fire:

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so humble, haha but for real I’m interested in the idea :thinking:

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i like the idea of being able to link community discord but i still dont know about stories, i dont see a need

I said that there was no need for stories lol…

ya, and stories just seem too extra. You got normal videos, and then you stories too.

Yeah, I think being able to open a chat room between you and your team that is all build into the app would be good.