Unique/extraordinary tattoo ideas

I have 2 small tattoos (ufo and fingers crossed) but ever since my brother got a cool new tattoo (rose with rosary) it made me want to get something bigger and better any suggestions.

Update: my brother and his girlfriend surprised me for my birthday saying I can get a tattoo :clap::clap::clap:. I decided that I want it to involve the time we moved from jersey to nevada. I found this online and I think it looks good, give it a few edits like instead of the palm tree I’ll change it to a beach umbrella and instead of the trees change it into a desert theme something kinda like the second picture. What do you guys think I am down for suggestions to help touch it up thanks :smile:


Watch the INK Masters show, There you will see a lot of uniques and original tattoos


You could look at the flash sheets, tattoo artists have created! if you like any of them, you can have that artist tattoo it on you and of course, you can have them modify it to your liking!

You can also ask an artist to create something for you too!

I’ve learned that many tattoo artists aren’t too keen on tattooing another person’s tattoo design :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Since drawing the tattoo is in the cost anyways, you can tell them you want something better than your brother and i’m sure they’ll be able to create something unique that you’ll love :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Pinterest is really good for getting tattoo ideas


You could google some tattoo artists in your area & contact them or look at some of their work

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maybe a quote in Arabic? Maybe something like this? v



The tatoo designs look cool, Can’t say I’d ever get one though