Unavailable Sound (New Update)

With the new update i think the sound icon shouldn’t appear if the user didn’t make it available for use. Kind of annoying when you tap it and get that error message.


also the icons update is clean and we will all grow to love it. great work team.

oof, that’s a bug. good catch thanks for testing :slight_smile:


Our “trbyte” account has been closed. We had applied for cooperation. Is it related to that? our closed account for days. We had to open a new account.

This should have nothing to do with your byte account as this for 1 is a beta test, and for 2, it only is to do with sounds on the app. Nothing regarding accounts. Email Byte for help tho

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Does Byte reply to e-mails?

They should if you email the correct email. Take a look here: https://byte.co/contact

This page should help you out!


I’ve tried a lot before but haven’t received any response to any email.

fixed! cool!

Fix bugs I can NOT!