Ultimate OEVO Thread

Please put anything related to OEVO on here, unless you truly believe it’s worthy of a new thread. Thanks! …(i hope to see this work plz)

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uhhh oevo oevo

While I disagree with OEVO’s ethics and am annoyed that the app is slow, here is my account. I plan to use it, but not because I want to, simply because it’s what’s available at this time.

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I do believe the app has potential, and I just hope things get better … I’m using it because It’s the closest thing to v2 and vine rn. if v2 comes out soon, then great, ill use it.

@ hihidia

i’ll hopefully be able to follow, for some reason i click it and then it doesn’t actually follow.

I gotta do what I gotta do boo

I say wait for V2 Oevo is a cheap knockoff and will never be better than the original 6 second video app which was vine. R.I.P


…Eh, why not?

I’ll follow ya, mine is: @ chillbaron

I’ll follow you too :wink: