UI Elements buggy while uploading

Byte username: @LeoMurtagh

Category of bug: Interface, visual/ease of use

When did the bug occur: It’s been around for a while but it is still a part of the recently release android update 1.1.13 (I’m not sure if that is the beta tester version as of April 24th, 2020)

Step-by-step explanation of the bug: I’ve found three major issues with uploading.

  1. Writing captions while byte processing: While the byte is processing, the keypad blocks the text box. Once the video finished processing the UI(?) kicks in and the text box moves up above the keyboard so the text can be seen while writing.

  2. Adding catagories while byte processing: Again, while the byte is processing, tapping on a catagory will do nothing. In the attached video at 0:15 I was attempting press the “break something” catagory. Once the byte is finished processing, again, it works flawlessly.

  3. Hastags are totally broken: When I’m writing the caption for a byte, I find the menu to tap suggested ones almost never even shows up. In the attached video it appears for a second which was the first I’ve seen of it.

Pictures/videos of the bug occurring:
Video Link:

(ignore my jokes, they’re only mildly hilarious)

Your device and OS version: Xiaomi Mi9T Pro, running Android 10

Any other relevant information: I’m no software developer but I think many UI glitches while I use byte can be attributed to the irregular size of my phone. It’s 6.39" with a 19.5:9 aspect ratio. I’m not sure it affects anything but I assume it does.