Uhhh am I going crazy?

Is it just me or does the forum page look updated? like the “like” button is now a thin outline that goes to a shade of pink, not red when you click it. I only use the actual web page on a computer, not a phone, so maybe that could be what was updated? is any one else seeing this? or am I insane?


No, you’re not insane.


Ok I thought it was just my phone

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Yes I noticed that! I was gonna make a thread but I decided not to cause I thought it was only me! :joy:

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not just you. i’m assuming Dom made some slight changes to the forum?

I noticed that, too! As for me, however, I’m always insane, just at a small percentage on a normal day. :stuck_out_tongue: (Don’t take that last part seriously)


Nah, you’re good :cowboy_hat_face:

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