Types Of Creators + Issues

Here are a list of creators and some issues with it:
OG lol XD meme lord RaWr - Article 13
Dark Comedy - People and their perception of comedy
Magic + Fast paced stuff - Epilepsy
Those people that complain about stuff - Trolls
Any way to combat these? -

  • Possible democracy deciding on posts offensiveness
  • Comment reporting
  • Warnings for content, possible input about mental health issues when account creation?
  • People can block a creators content from there view, which will block the creators content for a temporary amount of time
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I hope I’m not just speaking for myself, but this is pretty confusing. If you could clarify anymore, that’d be great!


I agree I believe freedom of speech can be allowed as long as its not hate speech or insulting another race

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Sam is basically saying that there are certain negative effects of certain type of content
Example, with dark comedy, people can take it as offensive while others find it funny
Then he gave some ways to deal with these issues.

Personally, dark comedy and what’s offensive is a very difficult thing to deal with. I dont know if that democracy deciding idea will work out since so much content can be deemed offensive.

The epileptic warnings and such might be a good idea.:slight_smile:


I think this is about how to deal with offensive stuff on the app/or in the forum??

Don’t say you are going to report the trolls, you are just feeding them. Just report, that’s it

Facts, I don’t feed trolls or haters, y’all just gotta report or block ez

Good topic. Another kind of creator is “artists.” Art being highly subjective is prone to being reported for being to graphic, powerful, offensive, etc… A reporting system is great to allow the community to enforce policy standards but sometimes a post will get reported that isn’t necessarily breaking a policy. On vine for example, nudity expressed in a pornographic manner was not allowed, however, nudity was allowed when used as an expression that was clearly art driven. Anyone familiar with my work knows my expressions are art driven. Sometimes there would be an occasional shot of nudity in-between lots of other footage that was not pornographic, and it would get reported… too many times, and the “sensitive content warning” message would cover all my posts. I would have to contact somebody at Vine to review my content to have the messages lifted from my account. Though I didn’t break any rules, I ended up being collateral damage in a system that otherwise works well to block true offenders so I don’t object to this method. This demonstrates the subjectivity of certain kinds of content.

Perhaps accounts can earn a “reputation” over time and when a good reputation is earned the account is trusted and can be excluded from being automatically censored when a post is reported.

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there’s quite a few posts relating to this which you may find intetesting to read. dom even input his thoughts back in jan on this one: NSFW Posts on V2

edit: also very good point at the end there. i think that would be a great idea. it’ll filter out

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i sometimes entertain trolls by agreeing with them


I very much agree, good point.