Type of Byte Musicians (Poll)

What kind of byte musician are you? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts below in the comments section.

  • singer
  • only play an instrument
  • music producer
  • rapper

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I like Mumble rap!!

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I see rapper is popular - lol let me found out some of y’all got heat :stuck_out_tongue::fire::fire:

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i’m a millenial so…

surprsingly people got some bars on this app. Hopefully we’ll see more music features put in this app in due time.

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Use to be a rapper actually, was more into underground. More of a hobby now. Im a full time clown lol. Dropped something today though: https://byte.co/AlwinTheSheriff/oIMClNuN0p


honestly there’s some potentinal here. Could be some underground stuff here