Two Viners that made music

Ricky Montgomery

This MV was by Ricky Montgomery, a viner that was popular in the art vine community, he made a rockin song and album. Idk where he is now, but Ricky’s friends supported him and he made this masterpiece.


Before she became what she is today, her name was Maia who was just a small viner. I found her when she had only 800 follower. I liked her vines and commented that she was very talented. We became vine friends and many others like me kept supporting her. When vine died, she moved to sound cloud and then became a very popular singer with over a million streams per month on Spodify. I haven’t spoken to her in a while but I’m very proud and excited for her career to keep shining.

I tell these stories bc on Vine a healthy community has lead to these two to bring out thier best and find confidence in what they want to do. So in Byte I hope to see more people do something they want with a supporting community behind them.


Ken, thank you for this. I listened to both artists, and they are both very talented. You already know Ive started listening to mxmtoon & i really like the vibe of Rickey Montgomery. I think vine gave people like them a platform and I can only imagine the greatness that we’ll get on byte.


Yo ken, low key that was super inspiring.
Father Kenneth always knows what to say.
Much love papa :heart:

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Crazy how Shawn Mendez got discovered from vine


i’m pretty sure the ricky montgomery you are talking about is the one who made this post
lol idk tho you tell me

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Yep that’s him.

I love this. I can’t wait for Byte

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You’re welcome

ricky is in the discord! u should hit him up boi

Great story thank you for sharing!

Jack and Jack were discovered on Vine

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