Twitter Sells V***?

What if Twitter sells Dom our general Vine?

Let’s think about this… Twitter purchased Vine before Vine was released to the public. Before Vine was released to the public. This means that Vine became twitters legacy. Twitter became the rightful owner of our original love Vine. Became twitters legacy. Twitter became the rightful owner of our original loved Vine. The following reasons will include why Dom could repurchase Vine. And why he shouldn’t repurchase Vine.

Why Dom should invest in purchasing Vine

  • Since Vine ended - the value of the app decreased which means it lost value. This means the app got cheaper.

  • Vine was originally founded by Dom himself and was sold before the release.

  • Our original Vine is or was extremely popular and used by Millions.

  • Vines original concept is the same concept as V2.

  • Vine users were devistated when the app was removed.

Why should Dom stick with V2?

  • V2 has already started designing and everyone is getting hyped for the new version.

  • V2 and Vine were both Founded by Dom. This means V2 will have the same recognition as Vine.

  • V2 has already come an extremely long way just from these Forums.

  • V2’s interface is more active.

  • The forums created give people the power to say what they want to see on the new app that wasn’t on the original.

  • V2 may soon operate with Artifical Intelligence

Overall - I believe that Dom should stick with V2 as it has already come a long way! #V2

please tell me what you think in the comment section

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I know you’re new to the forums, but please refrain from making duplicate topics. There was a similar topic:

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I like the idea of buying it back but it’ll be highly expensive because he sold it for a lot and getting it back will be much higher. But I guess it could be possible

I think that buying it back is an EXTREMELY GOOD idea. This is because I think that V2 won’t be as popular as the official app (even though I am still hyped tho!!). :neutral_face::sunglasses:

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It’s probably much cheaper making it from scratch and there was some very sexual content on there. He’s also most likely already gotten most of v2 done.