Twitter posible new changes... on early stages?

Twitter confirms they are in the early stages of planning changes, including the removal of the ‘like’ tool to ‘improve the quality of debate.’

What are your thoughts?

I honestly see why they would remove it but the “Like” tool is what makes twitter - TWITTER. If they get to change it I hope it’s for something better.


I still miss the star :star: of favs. Favs is better than likes.


I put this in Youtube and Other services


There has been reports of users that still have the old V*ne app that they recently got notifications to be apart of their beta. I kinda didn’t put much thought into that news but now that twitter is making some big changes this rumor might turn out to be true.


I use the like button to show appreciation and retweet when i want something to be shared to all my followers. So when I find something funny, etc. I’ll hit like and move on

By removing the like, they can’t just make people who don’t usually interact now magically start talking.


Honestly, sameeee. I think the problem to them is that people don’t really use the retweet button anymore, it is just there and people only uses it once in a while when they find a good tweet.

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I think they’re hoping that at least some percentage of people will shift to showing their appreciation via comments or retweet more. Either way, it serves to make people more vocal about what they like and if that works, people will come to expect the comments to not be a total cesspool & also see more “positive” endorsements via retweets. It doesn’t make Twitter’s problems go away, but it does aim to shine a spotlight on people’s positive experiences on the site and in effect change the user’s perception of the positivity to negativtiy ratio. For those of us that use likes to bookmark tweets, I guess we’ll just have to use…the bookmarks feature. Of course, there’s more considerations to this - how likes may be used to game their system, taking away an outlet of positive expression that people are used to.

Self promotion disclaimer, but this is relevant to the topic here. The short video app I’ve been working on, Roobit, dispenses with likes/comments. It’s replaced with rings that glow cooler to hotter as the overall activity around a video increases, i.e. the more people collaborate & chain video responses to the original, the wider the reach & views. Rationale - since the overall popularity of a post (how hot the ring glows) is tied to both the amount of collaboration it drives & views, the hope is it will allow the community to combine their creativity & ensuing rewards. You could (very) vaguely think of this like a video version of Twitter’s “retweet with comment”, though the intention is more to combine short video stories with a Pinteresty group messaging dynamic.


I’ll need a “Pin” tool to pin your comment on top.


The only thing that could fix Twitter, is having it disappear like vine. Internet Dumpster Fire.

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Twitter seem pretty desperate rn, i seriously doubt it will be around in the next 5-10 years. Twitter hasn’t done anything new or innovative in very long time, if you look at any celebrity with millions of followers they will get like no likes or comments on their posts as oppose to instagram and Facebook. With all the talks about a new looping app, whether its wave, OEVO, v2, Yuser, if you ask me that’s going to be the ‘popular thing.’ As twitter owns V*** don’t be surprised if they do something with V*** to try and bring more attention and money back. (just my opinion :smiley: )

What the sH**? Are you serious? That really sucks…:expressionless:

O believe those artists got millions of followers because twitter recommended you those users to follow when you create a new account.

I personally love twitter for its simplicity, they don’t go as crazy as Facebook who steals everything other apps do an put it on theirs. Facebook it’s so complicated and has too many things everywhere and it annoys me. So for me and other twitter users the app won’t die because it isn’t always changing, what makes twitter-TWITTER is the users who are very open and share their lives to others + you always get the news first there.


I think @twitter sucks now ever since they deleted vine so it’s gonna be fuck twitter cause :twitter: can bring updates that is completely useless but they can’t bring back vine so it’s gonna be fuck twitter til I die

Vine has nothing to do with twitter… they are different apps that not complement another.