Twitter Lawsuit?

I was thinking about this before… could Twitter file a lawsuit against V2 for its similarities/likeliness to Vine?

Even though the creators of V2 are the same creators who developed Vine, Vine is still owned by Twitter (even though they chose to take it down).

What will this mean for the app? What will it be able and not be able to do, due to Twitter’s ownership of Vine? What would happen if they filed a lawsuit?


From what I know, Dom and the staff are working really hard to make it different so they can avoid any possible problems with Twitter. One of the simplest examples of this is how it’s vine. two but rather V2 because it isn’t a second vine but there are going to be many ways they will avoid lawsuits from Twitter and whatnot


I don’t think so. it’s like snapchat and instagram stories, they have coding differences so making a lawsuit won’t make a difference


I don’t believe so

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I don’t think they can it’s going to be a different app, it would be like microsoft suing google for having an email service

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I think they are aware of possible issues with twitter and they will do their best to avoid these. I think this is why they explicitly said it’s in no relation to vine

There are a few possibilities. One of then is that they had contact with twitter before development, another one is they’re using features that were not copyrighted. < just me speculating.

I personally don’t think vine had copyright for 6 second videos, and as long V2 does not use the logo or similar name (thats probably why he wants us tor refer it as v2) etc it would be totally fine. For instance: Snapchat had stories, now Instagram and Facebook do have that function too.

I think Dom would have looked in to the legal side before development.

I honestly don’t think it can happen. V2 will be different, probably the only similarity will be the short 6-7 seconds videos.

Damn I do hope they have this already settled, cus then that would mean future trouble for everyone

if they do, I’m pretty sure they would get some negative feedback seeing as how Dom is one of the people who REALLY helped out with growth of twitter and started one of the biggest social media apps everywhere