Twitter Group Chat

It’s a nice way to communicate with others with similar ideas, drop your @s below and I’ll add you. (mine is @ hihidia_)


There’s a lot of other group chats, but at least this one can be made up of current forum users.

:twitter: @TheKingHusker

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:+1::+1::+1::+1: lets do it


@drxpo is my Twitter



For some reason I can’t find you??


Oh yeah i forgot i disabled it oops

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ohkay, no worries!!

@hannatwerktana :slight_smile:

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Invited most above! I can’t invite some people… :confused: (still inviting more people, feel free to post your @'s)

@anothereleanor :smile:

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@adrisunset :sunny:

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@ vinnj84

My Twitter is @DaniCalifornja !!!