Twitch (New Feature) Vs YouTube

Twitch has introduced a new feature on their platform called “Video Producer.” Previously, twitch was known for being a livestreaming service, but this new feature has been added to act as a video broadcasting service. (Monetization on Video Producer is the same as monetization on a livestream)

There are three different broadcasting options. Livestreams, Premieres, and Reruns

  • Livestream - A regular livestream

  • Premiere - A Live broadcast. Everyone is watching the video together when it is first uploaded (like a movie premiere), and then it becomes a video on your channel that people can watch at any time

  • ReRuns - Rebroadcast an existing video

My question to you is, do you think twitch will be a strong competitor against YouTube?

After these new changes on YouTube, I think smaller creators may try to move over or start on Twitch cause it would much easier for them. What are your thoughts?


Twitch is winning the war against YouTube


Twitch to me is so much better … but YouTube has the support from the Creators. On twitch there’s only gamers. YouTube will still win because you can’t Post videos on twitch. If not Twitch all the way.


Yeah it is perfect for gamers

I honestly don’t think anything can catch up to Youtube. It’s just so big.


Yeah YouTube is so far ahead of the game right now I don’t think anything is going to overcome YouTube right now, but i think twitch made a nice move and is definitely going in a good direction


feels like we’re seeing more non-gamer stuff lately on twitch?


I believe twitch will always be dominated by gaming content, but I have noticed people uploading and streaming more non-gamer related stuff.

I do however feel that the video producer feature is kept more to the side, and the livestreaming aspect is their primary feature. If they make them both primary features and create a cleaner looking site, i believe they can get more non-gaming related content.

Twitch did mention that they will bring 4 gaming youtubers (Jacksepticeye, LuzuGames, Markiplier, and Strawburry17) to create content on twitch. I think it would have been a smart idea on their behalf to invest in some vloggers or skit-related channels as that would open up a door for other similar content creators


Although there is an increase in non-gaming content on Twitch recently, the difference is fairly negligible. The non-gaming content is majorly restricted to the “IRL” section of the site, which is a sub-category out of hundreds of categories on the site.Twitch%20screenshot%20V2%20forum


Twitch’s core audience is gamers and IRL streams. I doubt it will become a strong YouTube competitor. Think about the internet as the new cable. Sites like YouTube, Twitch, FB are the new “networks” like ABC, NBC, FOX. I don’t think one will trump the other, just a matter of users trying out what they like/don’t like. (Not to spam my company) but this is the reasoning on why my company is starting a new video sharing platform. Competition is healthy but not always necessary.


It’s kind of hard to draw comparisons when they sort of “serve” different purposes. YouTube is mainly for pre-created content, Twitch is generally for live content. While they can emulate each other, I think there’s enough of the social media pie to go around between the two.

Pretty much, I don’t ever see them really stepping on each other’s toes and dipping substantially into each other’s user base.


I feel like twitch should stick to what it’s good at… Live-streaming! They don’t need to be like youtube

I personally think they can do pretty good at making twitch a video broadcasting service as well.

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But twitch hasn’t been known for live-streaming but they have slowly leaned into making videos which isn’t what made them big… They just want to compete

Well, if you have ever followed some gaming channels on youtube, you may find that they are having a hard time making a living off of youtube. they find that streaming on twitch is much better. If they have the option to do on Twitch what they could do on youtube, i think its great for them

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Well if twitch is trying it gamers they should take a couple steps back because they are moving to everything now…

Good point

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I think the community is different on both platforms.

2 years later… Twitch is still strong :love_you_gesture:t4::hugs:

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