‼️‼️‼️TW, suicide‼️‼️‼️

TW‼️hey guys if anyone has younger siblings pls get them off of tiktok. there is a video going around where a man shoots himself in the face that is rlly upsetting and another of a man hanging himself. these videos are posted by members of “the boys” as revenge for others getting @donelij banned. ik these blow up fast on here so hopefully lots of people see this. these aren’t things that should be going around AT ALL!!


Wait WHAT? so I’m back to not liking men

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yeah it was really triggering it ruined my weekend :confused:

Or don’t use the app at all. Like ever, because it’s a terrible place for many reasons.

I saw it on my fyp. It messed me up tbh. And TickTock seems to do very little to stop it. So on top of an app that Is crawling with predators and traffickers, suppresses LGBTQ+ and BLM, and multiple privacy/security issues people have to worry about seeing snuff films on their timelines? Why do people keep using this trash? (I know the answer it’s a rhetorical question)

More here:


Bu-but what about muh fame and fortune that comes from TikTok?? :sob:

The only reason I’m still on tiktok is tw1nklive3d0ntm4tt3r (the user is a joke they’re all gay😂)

Apparently not using TT as a gen z makes me a mini Karen so I’ve been told


I saw a commercial that said “If it’s in the culture, its on TikTok.” I took that as a warning and I’m glad I stayed away.

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Someone posted it on my was story, why