TV show on v2

how can someone make a story driven show on v2? Is it even possible or sensible to tell a story and make a show on v2 similar to shows that are on tv?

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with just 6.5 seconds i guess its possible? but the challenge is keeping it super short

maybe make it a series with new episodes every 12hrs or every day. would create a sense of suspence for ur followers that would make them watch mrore?


Make cohesive videos that flow together or just try to fit a legit story into 6 seconds it would be hard but I know it’s possible. Best of luck to you…

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I’m sure people will find creative ways to figure it out

Like an actual show? With developed characters? Probobly not.

Actually, I take that back. Regaljoe kinda did it.

I might give it a try, my basis would be to give hooks on every vid. Kindy like writing a full Short story with a beginning, middle, and end translating each sentence into 6.5. Like for example:


First Vid
-Ate a donut, it was great.
Second Vid
-Suddenly died
Third Vid
-Donut was poisoned!
Fourth vid
-It was the cat
Fifth Vid
-Backstory on why the cat did it

Heck you can even make it up as you go. Good Luck!:v:

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I guess, but you’d have to take advantage of the time limit