TV Show “Come Along” Script, Desc. , and Character Art!

I decided to put these all down in one section so here we goooo

“The Toles Family are a a mere mortal heroes that go exploring the land around them known as Topsitol, fighting off mosters, making friends and enemies, and finding out more hidden secrets of the past of what has happened to the land around them.
Jordan, the brave older sister, whos a strong stern fighter who isnt afraid of anything, Liam, the curious younger brother with a prosthetic arm, who tries to find the nicest out of people, possibly abit too naive at times, and the dad, Mr Toles, who supports them along the way and keeps them all together and takes care of them throughout everything. They help eachother out on their adventures, where it seems that the land of Topistol and the citizens around them have forgotten most about their past, and so has anyone else that isnt young or in their teens. They find clues about what has happened, and try to hopefully vanquish the evil out of their land, as they find some interesting people along the way, some good, some bad, some so-so. Will they ever find answers to their past, and will they also find out the most important question to the Toles; who and where is their mother? Come along and hop on by this epic quest of a kick butt family if you so do desire to find out more!”


First Pilot Script (Finished)

Second Pilot Episode “Constellation Zone” (Intro Finished)

Third Script “Closer, The Better”


Jordan Toles

Liam Toles

Dream Cast:

Jordan Toles / Rosa Salazar
Liam Toles / Sam Lerner/Troy Gentile
Mr Toles / Arin Hansen
Aurora / Kate Miccuci
Clide / N/A
Jenogg / Lauren Ash
Dundelin / Rainn Wilson

Future Roles

Jack Douglass / ???
Danny Avidan / Taylor Summer
Jon Jafari / ???
Sean McLoughlin / Tarantos
Ethan Klien / ???
Mark Fischbach / Suul
Matt Patrick / ???
Niki Yang / Primrose
Danny Gonzalez / ???
Drew Gooden / ???
Alex (IHE) / ???
Brian Hull / ???
Brandon Cavillo / ???
Ian Hecox / ???
Gus Johnson / Orion

Thats about it i have for now. Ill be able to send this stuff to a studio hopefully soon when i get all the art work i need! I hope you guys enjoy this :D!!!