Tutorials for new people - #byteschool

People need to know how to use the app or they will get frustrated and give up. We can’t expect people to have lots of patience

Some people have already begun doing it, but I think it’s important that many more people start creating small tutorials and unify under the hashtag #byteschool to get everyone up to speed. Doing that for the TT kids would also help build trust in the community.

You can only fit so much in 16 seconds so maybe just highlight specific features per video

Outside of educating on specific features you could also upload encouragement videos to keep them interested and reduce the level of animosity. This could also fit under the same hashtag. The more people make helpful videos like this, the easier it will be to find them!



I’ll help teach the Gen Z kids as I am one of the older Gen Z’s to be on this platform as a whole.

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That’s good, we need representatives that can reach across.

@TomWho Is it possible to repost or keep making tutorial vids using the hashtag? I’d like to drop the hashtag in people’s comments but I’d like to wait for some more content there first

I’m wondering if it would be possible for @dom to add #byteschool hashtag to my two tutorial videos so I don’t have to repost, because I don’t want to remove the previous two and also don’t want duplicates on my profile page.

Should I make a few more tutorial videos? I could do a few more covering several topics that I’ve seen mentioned a lot in the comments on my two tutorial videos.

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Yes absolutely. I’m hoping we can get more people involved in this. The kids, they nEEED IT

I don’t know what I can really contribute myself, I’ll have to figure out some sort of screencap recorder or something

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This was mentioned in the updates thread as being in the next one so hopefully it’s coming soon. :smile:

Yea, I know they mentioned that, but, I’m sure that’s now going to be on the back burner because suddenly there are lots of features they really need to add to the app. But even if they are working on it, the kids are restless and need some quick tutorials on how to use the app in the meantime.

Oh yeah I totally think there should be quick tutorials asap, that’s why I’ve been sending people to yours loll just wanted to add the ss to this thread incase other ppl may have missed it :call_me_hand:

Don’t forget, kids - if you’re making tutorial videos try and consolidate them under the #ByteSchool hashtag. I’d like to get it trending/promoted soon