Tutorial section

A section where either official tutorials on how to get started with vine or just tips and tricks, and maybe if you have a certain number of followers and get approved than you can post your own tips and tricks etc


So it’s not an “idea”?

Yes your right, sorry miss understood

Lol it’s cool dude

Nice idea! :smile:

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Similar to Youtube’s section?

Yeah kinda

Thanks :grin:

Of course, this is going to be in V2

Now that the app has been out for a 3 months now, what is everyone’s thoughts on this?

If I may be that guy:

I think of this like I think of video games with minimal to no tutorials.

Instead of having to sit through ten minutes of being spoon fed the basic functions of the game, you explore, you try things, you fail, and you learn.

If someone is downloading this app, they probably have a general idea what this app is about.

Let people try, let them learn, let them reach out and ask people how they do certain tricks. That’s going to promote a creative community more than a tutorial in my opinion.

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I mean when I wrote this in like 2018, tiktok wasn’t nearly as big as it is now, but now tiktok kinda taught the General populous how to use this app since they have a very similar design and feature set. So it’s not really need anymore I think.