Turn off rebytes on home

It would be nice to Have an option To switch between only show uploads of who you follow on the home Tab because sometimes I miss a lot of bytes people posts because of all the rebytes I see


Yes! At this point it’s easier to unfollow some people and check their bytes by searching for their profile. Not quite the user experience I dreamt of, but I can live with it for now.

Rebytes on Home I think is an integral part of exposure for new creators and for finding fresh content, but the ability to sometimes toggle settings would be nice!

This, please.
I come on here to see people I choose to follow, and sadly some love that rebyte button and I miss content from people I want to see.
If I want to see new content, it’s not hard to explore channels and find it.
I don’t see much real value added by the rebyte feature at all, just like revine’s and similar it just turns into something’s that’s overused and abused.
At least allow us to turn off rebytes for individual users.

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Can’t wait to see a button somewhere that shows who I’m following, then I might start following more people

and never return to to the home tab.
:grin: :blep:

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