Tumblr: do you guys think it’s dying?

Been on tumblr since day one. But my last activity was ca. 2015-2016. I don’t know how, but I just lost interest in it. The world seems to revolve around instagram nowadays. It’s just easier to put all your time and effort into one social network versus ten. I like to keep things relatively simple.

With that said, my sixth sense is telling me that tumblr’s demise is nigh and inevitable. I was sad when David sold it; he was like father to all of us. Everything seems to have gone downhill from that point on.

Do you think it’s on its deathbed? Or will it miraculously be in its prime one more time?


I honestly think that Tumblr isn’t as popular as it was years ago. I made a Tumblr months ago and you can just tell that it’s not as popular. The way people communicate on there is not the best in my opinion.

I think there’s always a group of people that’ll be on tumblr. Certain fandoms use tumblr a lot so I don’t think it’ll die just yet. But it’s definitely not as popular

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Not every social media is going to attract everybody. There are niche markets, and Tumblr is one of them, just like :vine: was and v2 will be. I don’t think it’s dying, but I don’t think that it’s growing as much as they wish it would.

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It seems like it’s dying, but the next generation is starting to use it, which might save it :woman_shrugging:

i haven’t checked my tumblr in like 4 years, i don’t think people use it as much as they used too

I don’t think it will die, it will stays many people keep usismg it, and amny famous are there so people always go were the people they stan are

depending on what sides on tumblr. some sides, like fandom sides are growing, but something like pastel emo sides are slowly dying :dancing_men:


A lot of aspiring artists I was following have migrated to ello. Believe it or not, ello, which was previously known as a “facebook killer”, has made a 180-degree change in its strategy. Now they call themselves, and I’ll quote, “The creators network: Ello is a global community of artists dedicated to creative excellence. Built by artists, for artists.”

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There are many fandoms that still use tumblr etc

Thanks for the tip! Looking at it for photo inspo

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I use Tumblr on occasion like when im really bored and want a nostalgia kick aha

I make a new tumblr account every few months it seems, and every time I try to find an audience or friends, within a week or two I end up with around 200 followers and people that message or comment on my posts regularly. Maybe general interest in tumblr is dying, but I still love it. It’s a great place for writers, language learners, and conlangers right now.

I still use Tumblr occassionally, but it’ll never reach the same height as its peak in 2014-2015


Such a platform is most definitely on its deathbed, as you called it. It’s been meme’d to death, which if it has the ability to do that then surely it’s close to its demise.

Compared to the older days though, I’ve only been using Tumblr for fitness/exercise tips/motivational quotes. I’ve seen a decline in the posting, but that’s also possibly just because of what I follow.