TTAH - Need Critique/Topic Suggestions

Hello everyone! I run a discussion page on Byte called TheTopicAtHand. I post a topic (usually a question) every day for people to comment on it.

While I think I have a pretty good system down for this, I want to hear opinions from other people. I am always open for constructive criticism so I can improve my content.

For this, I have created a list of questions for you to answer for me below. Thank you if you do this!

  1. What is something that I can improve about my page?
  2. What is something you like about my page?
  3. What is something you don’t like about my page?
  4. What topic would you like to see me post? (If I post your topic you will get credit for it)
  5. Anything else to add?

I think this idea is very cool and unique. That’s what I like about it.

However, there are some glaring issues where it is now. Bytes reply system doesn’t really make a conversation flow well in the comments and you are relying heavily for other users to take action there. It might work well without a discussion and just a vote system. I can see how “what’s your favorite movie” can get some attention with people voting each other up on the comments.

Weekly status of your stats… I’ll just be blunt. Nobody cares about this except you. Let your content speak for itself. Don’t try to flaunt it around and show everyone how great it’s doing. I would scratch that all together. Your loops don’t even matter because you’re posting still images. People only need to see your thing as long as they need to read and reply.

I think the biggest issue you’ll run into is that you’re providing a game that can be run on a picture website or forum but doing it on a looping video app.

My one suggestion would be to reply to each topic yourself to get the ball rolling. Don’t wait for others to start it. It’ll give you more personality too

Maybe make the videos more visually engaging. Like animated text or something

Thank you for your reply.

I know I call my page a discussion page, but I do use the term discussion loosely. I know that there’s not truly going to be much actual conversation between others. My main goal is just to get people to comment their views which I understand is a challenge in itself.

For the weekly status, I definitely agree with you. It was more meant for me, but really unnecessary to post. That idea has been scrapped completely.

I do realize I probably could have more success with this idea on a forum or another website. I just saw Byte as a platform to test this idea as it is not something you usually see on these video apps. I know that there’s a good chance I won’t have success with it, but I at least want to try until I give up.

I definitely will start replying to my topics. I have replied to a couple before, but I didn’t know if it made any difference so I didn’t do it much.

Once again, thanks for your input.

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I could try to experiment with that. It shouldn’t be that hard, but I just need to find the right app that will be good for animations and editing.

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