Trying to become “famous” on V2?

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Ok. So I’ve wanted to say this for a while, but haven’t wanted to be the guy who gets all negative and stuff in these forums, but I have seen some other people try To approach this topic more recently so I decided what the hell. I might as well post my thoughts on it too.

So I see a bunch of people who want to become big on V2, and YouTube some too, and then be famous and get rich off of it. I don’t know if your parents ever told you about the percent of highschool athletes who go on to play that sport in college (forgot the numbers but it was small) and from those college athletes the people who go on to become professional athletes (also very low). And these professionals are paid a bunch because there are not many who can do what they do. That’s why they are paid so much and are famous for doing whatever it is they do (sports or actors or other stuff). I don’t want to be the bad guy here, but the amount of people I see in the forums waiting for V2 to come out so they can “make it big” and be rich and famous is very disproportionate. I honestly don’t see it happening for all of you guys (no offense). Like if you guys do gain a huge following on V2 I’ll be happy for you, but I think a lot of people are over hyping themselves up from the beginning. And by doing this, I think most of these people will be disappointed because they won’t make it big. Like same thing with YouTube when they changed who could make money off videos. Seemed like a bunch of people were pissed, here in the forums, about that.

Back on the OG Vine, everybody used it, but merely as a social way. Then when it “died” the first time back in like 2012(?) a majority of the users hopped off the app. This was when all the famous Viners started making good quality content. And then when people saw this content and decided to go back to Vine, was when the artist became famous and started making money off of their Vines. I feel like since then, everybody has wanted to become famous on some app so they could be rich.

I’ve seen people post things about how they are trying to make like $8 on a YouTube video but needed ideas. I truly don’t want this to sound as bad as it’s going to sound, but if you’re that pressed for cash, maybe get a job??? Like you can definitely make more money working a minimum wage job doing that then try to do the $8 YouTube video. The job is more work, but it’s guaranteed and more money. I’m sorry. I just don’t think that it’s reasonable to think that everybody in these forums who is trying to become the next Paul brother or Lele Pons (using them as examples because everyone knows them and I think they are making a good amount of money now) is going to be successful. If that’s the sole reason for you being on this app, I’m sorry, but there’s a very good chance that that isn’t going to happen. If it does, good. Great for you. But I just want people to think about the possibility that it just might not work out for them.

Sorry this was so long.
Also. If there were any spelling/grammar mistakes. My bad. It’s 3am here, and when I’m tired I use the period way too much.
And uh. Oh yeah. Since it is kinda late, I might’ve forgot to mention stuff so this could seem weird, or something may not be explained enough or how I would’ve liked it to be explained. But yeah. :hugs:


Does it really hurt anyone that they want to get famous and rich? I mean, so what if it doesn’t work out, at least they tried. We all got one life, i don’t know about you but working a minimum wage job does not seem compelling for me, let people chase their dream.


Yes its hurting themselves because it’s an unrealistic goal. No one gets famous by chasing fame, they get it by doing something they’re passionate about. If you’re not passionate about what you’re doing then what’s the point?


I wouldn’t say that no one gets famous by chasing fame. Having that as a goal puts you in a position to make strategic choices. You will have a very hard time getting fame/attention/monetary success by simply doing your best and making what you love. By learning algorithms and being strategic you can exponentially boost your chances. In the end the ones who get fame are the ones who are the most successful in being strategic, posting good content, and simply don’t stop. Yeah you need good content, but that’s like the base requirement for fame.

I do agree though that it should be known that it’s REALLY difficult, and a lot of times people get lucky. Fame is desired because it’s rare. Don’t expect to get big overnight. Just work on your comtent’s quality, your strategy, and just keep at it


Okkkkk not trying to be mean in anyway but these posts have got to stop…

  1. To think you’re going to be famous, is a goal… merely a dream for most. But to tell someone to not expect to be famous is wrong. It’s like saying you can be anything you want but this… “you can certainly be president one day but do you know how hard that is?” In a way I kinda compare it to spitting in someones face.

  2. Since I was 16 I’ve been trying to get famous, while people have told me “don’t hold your breath” countless times… I had almost half a million loops on vine before it ended, I kinda got to top 20 on an app that people had hundreds of more followers than me…

So to say don’t expect it is wrong… this isn’t pointed towards you, it’s piinted to the repeated posts… it’s is possible and it’s only possible if you continue believing that you can do it… like I said I’ve had people tell me “not to hold my breath”, or “don’t count on it” while I’m rising behind closed doors, so it’s all up to the person.


Thank you!!! Aman

I have some opinions on this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As far as not expecting to get famous

Truth is, do NOT EXPECT to get famous . I agree, kind of. Do not expect or assume anything in this world. If you want to be famous, work for it.

Do not sit around and assume you’re going to be famous once V2 rolls around, absolutely. If you want to succeed and become popular, you 300% should be improving your skills as we wait!

A new app alone isn’t going to give you what you want so like @Parkachu said, work on your content and strategy. It is not easy but nothing worth having is easy and the challenge is a part of what makes it so worthwhile


When it comes to believing that you could be famous or successful in whatever, there’s nothing wrong with that. Parents who tell their kids they can’t do something simply don’t believe in them or their ability to achieve something, as bad as that sounds :joy:

How many famous and successful people have stories of family going out on a limb JUST so they can get a shot! So many. There is not a cap on the amount of people who can be famous or successful and the idea that there is comes from a place of fear and scarcity.

The idea that it is unrealistic is 100% based on ones personal belief in themselves and that is usually the difference between someone who succeeds and someone who doesn’t

When it comes to these kinds of posts

Me, personally, don’t quite care about gaining fame on V2. I, too, was kind of on the “stop trying to be famous” train but I sat here and thought to myself

how does someone else wanting to be famous affect me?

It truly doesn’t affect me at all lmfao. These kinds of posts are getting redundant and don’t do much but attempt to crush others’ dreams for reasons I’ve still yet to grasp

I’m going to assume these posts don’t come from a helpful place because there’s nothing helpful in them. Only 'you can’t’s. if there were some tips, it would be a completely different message.

Minimum wage and “real jobs”

If you have access to the internet, you can make WAY more than you’d ever make working a minimum wage job. It doesn’t even have to be from youtube either. People can make money via personal blogs, affiliate links and a plethora of online jobs. If someone is trying to make money of youtube, there’s nothing wrong with that. If you think they’re struggling for money, “get a real job” isn’t so helpful.

We are living in a new world and there are so many new “normals” and opportunities. I have friends and clients making hundreds to thousands a week working for themselves in creative careers. We all struggled at first and people 100% told us to get a real job but luckily, we didn’t listen or we’d be missing out on what we’ve earned thus far

No reason to shut other people down because of personal feelings/belief

and yeah :smile:


You described it real good

This dude is just being realistic. Its not that easy and takes up a lot of dedication

I’m already famous on V2 because I have buckets of talent.


Combined those charming good looks, you’re practically unstoppable!


This is the mindset I think everyone should have…


Tbh with all the lurkers on these forums we are all a lil famous :tipping_hand_man: The term famous being used loosely in this case of course

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I’m really wondering why any of you care what anyone else’s aspirations and goals are? This thread gets made like once a week and is just full of the same recycled “no offense” paragraphs.


lmao y’all sure do love trying to shut peoples dreams down, sad.


Yea I was thinking the same thing…

We agree with him the most part but we re just gonna say that if fame is your goal go and get it, but do something good with your fame.

YEEEESSSA :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Honestly. Why does it matter to u. If thats something you don’t see for your self, pls don’t tell others to stop. Even if it didn’t work out. How tf does it matter to u. Like I don’t understand. Why do people care so much about what other people want from life. Just mind your own business. If you have your opinion cool. But you don’t know that that one dream people have could be saving their life rn. Like there are so many different possibilities. Why do you got throw water on someone fire. Why do you care so much. You do what you gotta do. Holly jeez. :roll_eyes:

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Guys…you can have a normal job and still make content. And maybe you’ll get a following and make a living out of it! Honestly, it’s seen as a negative thought to desire fame because it implies you only want the money for being popular. The truth is if you legitimately have a passion for what you are doing, you also want some goddamn RECOGNITION for doing it. And if you are only in it for the money, then nothing is stopping you from working on it right now. I don’t want to make the op feel bad for trying to warn the community about the dangers of dreaming big (he apologized a lot, which only makes me believe he’s scared of the backlash) but dude, it feels like you are trying to be superior to everyone by giving them advice on your own insecurities. I’ve been around the forums for a while and nobody here wants to drop out of their education or quit their job because of the possibility to become “famous”, if anything ONLY YOURSELVES ARE TO BLAME FOR NOT MAKING CONTENT RIGHT NOW ON OTHER PLATFORMS AND FOLLOWING THAT RECOGNITION YOU DESIRE.
Just try to remember to:
Respect other people’s dreams as long as they aren’t harmful (to others and themselves)