Trying Out Musically

Hey just wanted to know if it were worth it to start on Musically rn?.. I mean i don’t like whatever comes outta that app but is there anyone on here who uses that app on a regular basis that could vouch for it?
Is it worth trying out even? Can we do comed bover there instead of lip syncing?

Have you come across any high follower profile that does not Lip sync and instead actually does comedy?


There are definitely several accounts that are comedy accounts that don’t or rarely use the music aspect to it. I think it’s currently a really good option, and although a lot of the content you’ve seen might be cringy, that’s the fault of the user, not the app. It’s really well made I think, and I’d definitely recommend it. There are some crazy numbers on that app. If you want to give it a try I would recommend trying to bring in your content from other platforms and posting it on there because it’s recommended (even by the musically staff themselves).

Give it a week. If you don’t like it you can delete it no harm done. But I think you might like it!


i think i might too…if all goes well (and ill be researching the heck outta musically, asking and talking to top musers etc) to find how to work the algorithm to ur advantage.

will probably make a topic soon on this


Great idea, let me know if you get into contact with anyone!! you should also check out the creator’s playbook in settings, i also posted it on the forums a while back. 40 pages about musically/social media strategy from the creators of musically!

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Isn’t it full of like 12-15 year olds?

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probably… but those are the best demographics to have in the LONG run…think about it.

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I followed you on there !


Sweet!!! I’ll follow back anyone from the forums for sure!!

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You’ll love it

idk abt the best demographic part, because then you’ll have to censor yourself in ways but idk if abunch of kids follow me… I’m trying to start a cult. Jk but they follow anyone/everyone soooo maybe you’re right

Yo I just finished reading that…it’s super amazingly helpful…funny how I Haven’t come across that previously

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The problem for me is its kinda hard to grow on there as there are all ready loads of musers

If you wanna follow me im @ifeanyiii

Mine is @dej0ur on musically

Added u both