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Hey everyone, if you did not know, my name is Jennifer and I love this Forum and the community that lies in it. :sweat_smile: . For a while I was kind of self doubting myself and honestly, v2 forums really changed me, making me more confident with myself and more motivated so I created a personal Instagram (Will post and grow) and I am starting Youtube.

My Channel is
It’s pretty much trash right now but I am learning, I just have a few questions for some of the talented Youtubers here because the devices I have are IPhone 5c, Android and a Windows computer, very different from ordinary Apple products. My main question is what editing and recording programs are great for these types of devices (5C, Android and Windows computer). Also, how do you grow and what tags do you use etc.) I also have some personal questions if anyone is up for grabs such as how do people in real life react to your stuff because I get anxious ALOT. Hopefully some people on this forum could answer :smiley:

I’ll update this with questions also thank you @BratKneeD for answering a few of my questions and providing me with tips :star_struck:

Also, I apologize for not being as active as I was before, Honors Biology is probably the worst class ever- so stressful.


Will definitely check out your channel :two_hearts:

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Thank you- do you have any form of social media? Also I have not posted anything yet ::sweat_smile:

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Ooops, I need to recategorize this :'X

I have very little experience but I can still offer what I know.

For editing you can use Adobe Premiere + After Effects (Windows and Mac), Final Cut Pro (Mac), or Sony Vegas (don’t know if it’s not mac but definitely windows).

For recording programs I’m a little confused by what you mean, if you mean recording the screen I know that a program called OBS is popular (and free) for recording your computers screen, and with the latest IOS update some phones can screen record. As for android there are a bunch of free apps to record the screen. If you meant to record video from the camera, I think you get the best from the default camera apps on most phones.

I’d also recommend what so many people do now on YT which is getting a DSLR and either a wide angle or ultrawide angle lens, depending on your sensor size. This gives you higher quality and arguably more versatility than a phone camera.

As for the real life aspect, I walked around my local area filming a really daft parody (watch it at 1.5x speed and it’s actually kind of funny):

I got a lot of weird looks, but you have to take it on the chin. Embarrassment is kind of natural, but you shouldn’t let it get in the way. Even if you look like a muppet (like me).

Anything else I can help with lemme know.


Oh well make sure to update me if you post any new videos as I’d like to see another artist’s content. I have Instagram and Twitter: mizzlemelia

it depends if you are willing to pay or not.
i can recommend adobe premier pro for editing, but it costs… Good luck with your channel!
Let me know when you upload your first video :slight_smile:

Are you from England?:joy:

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I am :smiley: although I was doing an accent in that video

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Aaaaa I’m so glad the forum has helped you out so much with your confidence online and stuff. I can’t wait to see what kind of V2s you post in the future. I’m also pretty nervous when it comes to posting stuff online but I’m so glad I did cuz I’ve met so many online friends that I would never have met before INCLUDING YOU! wish the best for you in honors bio lol and I hope u have a great time making content :blush:

Are those programs free though

Subscribing to your channel! it’s great that these forums have helped you as well, this is generally a very nice community

I actually still edit using an iMac which I share with my family, just because I got FCPX on there before getting my own PC. I think the best editors for Windows are probably Sony Vegas or Premiere Pro though. I have some friends who use Premiere and they make some pretty good stuff

Sadly not, there are cracks out there if you want to be shifty. As for free video editors I’d suggest looking at this list:

I know its a cop out answer but it has answers!

thank you everyone! if you have anything to share lmk!

Good luck with the channel! I will support you :+1:t3::muscle:t3:

bumping this :)))))))

thank you, i will be needing this

Question for my gamers- what do you use to record your xbox gameplay?

Make more please