Trump through executive order has given TikTok officially 45 days

Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban all transactions with TikTok (and WeChat) effective in 45 days. Any company that is doing business with them will be subjected to potential sanctions which will effectively require Google and Apple to remove it from their respective app stores. As well as any American company that uses it for their business. Among other restrictions.

This will likely face legal challenges, but is an interesting step.

This will definitely put Microsoft in a position where they will want to purchase it as soon as possible. That projected date is September 15th. It’s likely that TT investors will push for the purchase, and Microsoft has been doing everything it can for the past decade or so to get into the social media market. But there is still a chance that Bytedance or even the Chinese government might step in and just say no.

I would like to remind everybody though, do not hold your breath. I said multiple times. There is a chance that it may be shut down, but it’s not guaranteed. Even if Microsoft doesn’t purchase it, the band could be challenged in court which can take a lot of time. And if it gets pushed into a new presidency, they could drop it all together. But the news itself might cause another wave at some point of users potentially. Today and or on the alleged shutdown date.


kinda hoping it gets banned :face_with_hand_over_mouth: its gotten quiet here




I am laughing


Although it’s super unlikely just imagine the power move

Trump: Sell your company or I will shut it down

ByteDance and CCP: no❤️


At this point, I’m just worried that come September 15, The date will be pushed and after that it’ll be pushed again and again and again to the point we could all agree the app isn’t going to get banned and this whole incident will end up being just a memory

if the us goverment has a brain they’ll ban tik tok compleltely. Microfost is just about making money, but having CCP influenced made app owned by usa (imo) is just bad. Just delete it