Trump campaign launches hundreds of FB/IG ads directing supporters to a ban TikTok petition

Do you think this is a political stunt or something that will have actual consequences on TikTok in the US?

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If US is smart we will ban TikTok. China is data harvesting an entire generation. Why let another country monetize your youth when you can do it yourself.


We should be investigating companies like google, facebook, and microsoft as well for data harvesting practices

Investigate? There’s nothing to investigate. They could all make clones of us if they wanted to. Most humans will give up privacy for convenience. It doesn’t matter about the data we’re giving them- the issue is another country is profiting off our children. We should take those profits for ourselves- if we’re smart.

So mass surveillance is ok if the U.S. is doing it but not China? And we should just say “out of sight out of mind” when it comes to this stuff in our own country?

You agreed to it (which I actually made fun of in a recent Byte). It’s in TOS which no one reads because like I mentioned earlier, most humans trade privacy for convenience. It’s going on everywhere, everyday, at every moment.