Troubles on Byte with T-Mobile

Three quick questions/comments for the Byte Team:

  1. Have you had reports of Byte performing poorly for T-Mobile users (in US) or really for anyone who has a carrier not named Verizon or AT&T?

  2. Please let me know if you would like me to send screen recordings (and where to send to) of me navigating the app on my phone and then going over to TikTok for comparison. I used to think it was because I lived in the boondocks, but lately it is happening here at work as well and TikTok is running smoothly. Yes, yes, I know…TikTok has years in the game, a lot more help, etc. I just thought you’d might like to see the experience from my perspective and the differences. I can’t watch other creators and thus can’t support them (or help with my own engagement for that matter).

  3. Completely unrelated, but my friend and I have decided to do videos together. It appears there is no way for him to be able to login on his phone under our shared username, but just wanted to confirm that.

Please take your time getting back to me, thank you for all of your hard work, and keep on grinding. Byte On!!!


I’ve got tmobile and I’m able to view things just fine. Posting however, it a completely different story :frowning: What kind of phone do you use?

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Thank you for the reply, my friend! That’s weird. Mine is the other way around lol. I can post no problem and view my own stuff no problem. Watching others…a lot of times just the spinning circle of death. I’m on an IPhone XR.

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