Trouble uploading from camera roll

I made a short time lapse video in Procreate of a drawing and tried uploading it several times from my camera roll. It will accept the clip but when I move on to add a caption or a beat, it’s just a black screen. It won’t let me add a beat either and gives an error message.

At first I thought it was just because it was a relatively larger file than normal so I compressed down to a smaller size. Same result. I don’t get this issue from any other clip in my camera roll. Does it just not like Procreate?

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Do you have an app like InShot to load into and then save through there? I remember, when first starting on Byte, the app wouldn’t accept certain videos I would want to post, even though it appeared that it wanted to. I ended up having to circumvent the issue through going into another video app, saving that app’s version of the video, then being able to upload the new copy of the video.


That was the problem. Had to go a reaaaaaaally roundabout way of going through InShot to iMovie to Byte but it finally worked.

It’s a video I finished up and compressed with Final Cut, just like all my other videos. First time this has ever happened. Procreate was the only variable. Weird. Thanks, man!