Troll comment / account controls

I think lots of people experiencing troll comments on social media. Most of these people create different accounts and reply to the messages that they don’t like.

They tend to put internet meme, celebrity pictures, etc pictures on their profile. Once when you click their account, you can see they have full of hateful messages or replies.

2.0 aim to create a safe place for its users.

What is your idea to control these trolls?

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Hi Jennifer,

how about restricting people to open multi accounts on 2.0?

I don’t know if @Dom ever responded to this but here.

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Personally from experience on Vine, it’s a difficult issue, you’ll always get haters…in whatever type of content you create, so above all there has to be a BLOCK account button & the possibility to report the culprits account, giving reason for your report, so it can analyzed & checked - just like old Vine

There are may content creators nowadays who have very clean content with very young shouldn’t there be a way so a v2er be we to moderate theor comment section? We have seen this implemented very well within Twotch where a streamer can block a certain word from being used in their chat.i feel like this is much needed… I mean, look at YouTube comments for God’s sake.