Triller Being Promoted on Tyson vs Jones Fight Tonight

I saw the Tyson vs Jones fight tonight (a phenomenal fight btw), and I saw Triller being promoted everywhere (inside the ring, next to the clock, etc)

I believe at some point, Byte has to start marketing, small or big, it has to, otherwise, people will forget about it sooner than later.

I heard that DM is being implemented in the app, which is great progress, and I say starting next year, Byte starts reaching out to brands and creators and investing in marketing and advertising before these other competitors take spots on top of the ladder…


It has already started some marketing

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The more time goes on and apps come out with or add the tik tok esque platform to it, it seems a good move to not waste money on advertising when your app can’t really compete in its current build. Maybe when they have a camera/editor that people want to create with it would be worth it but until then it’s a waste of money.

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I agree, but not in it’s current state. Maybe sometime next year when New features get added

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