Tried uploading an edit from my camera roll (Nvm Still not fixed)

This is what happened what I tried to post. I rendered the video out in 1080x1920 30fps, it is an MP4 I dont know what could’ve gone wrong but for some reason half of the Video is black when It goes through the “Making edits” process. PLEASE HELP!!

**I thought the workaround for this was to make sure your video is around 720x1280, anything too much higher will give you this result. However after spending hours on 2 edits I export them to my phone and not only does it cut off a video with a perfect 5 second loop but it has this stupid black bar on the side of the screen. Losing faith VERY QUICKLY IN THIS APP.


Bumping to get a reply.

This is happening for me too. It happened first with an MP4 that was 3200h X 1800w, and then happened again with a video that was exported at 1920h X 1080w


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it is to be mentioned that I have an iPhone 6+

Try 720x1280 as that’s how big they mostly are, you can also play around with different file formats.

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This helped, apparently it really doesnt like 1080x1920

Matthew, thanks! I’ll try that next time.

I found this post about uploading first to your Instagram story, and then exporting from there and that helped me.


I edited with the fix

Also, I wouldn’t label this as “fixed” yet!

If this issue happens with bigger videos then this is fixed when:

  1. Folks can upload any sized video they want without any problems.
  2. People are alerted when they try to upload a video that’s too big that this may cause issues.

I am so glad that I got to post my first Byte, though! I worked on it all day, and it felt really good to get to upload it just before the end of the day.


Yeah it seems that 1280x720 is the size they’re working with at the moment. I assume that future versions of the app would take different sizes and automatically downscale them server side. This would be needed for consistency across a web viewer for Bytes like this

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Yeah, that seems really quite annoying to do. I’m sure they’ll fix it soon. Bytes recorded within the app are that size so I just assumed that would be the best size to try.

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Agreed, the app would need to compress the videos server side, it’s an easy enough fix for them to implement but until videos can be uploaded and also cropped by the user to a Byte Size, I’d leave this topic open.

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My latest byte is 1080x1920, maybe bitrate is the issue? Oopsie, this one had a 10 Mb/s bitrate, that’s quite a bit overkill.

Maybe pixel size? Videos do not always come with square pixels. And I think square pixels are the only common thing among my uploads so far. By the way, the framerates I used so far were 25, 29.97, and 30, that could have kept filesize low.

You could have noticed that when you connection is not so great, the bytes you watch appear a bit pixelated or something. So, they transcode them on the server side for sure, and if anyone can give us a real solution, that’d be a developer.

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Exactly, I feel like given that’s how they all download the 720 format is definitely their preferred. Until we know how they handle this server side there’s not really much insight that can be given for a fix.


allow me to edit this once more

There we are


Looks great @Zendra! Workaround is the prefect title to let folks know they can get unstuck here, but let devs know that there is still something to go onto the list.

@matthew2806 thanks for all that info!

No worries, I’m sure it’ll be fixed after the spam issues are addressed.

Bump because the issue is persisting and want to know if anyone else if having the same problem.

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