Trends and group of v2

I’am going to utilize the 6 seconds this time


Brother, me too :slight_smile: Lets raaage :smiley:

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Yeah… This is it

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Wanna collab?

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Yeah… Be in touch

Done deal, my friend!

Follow on twtr and insta I’ll follow you back @arzunshiv

I want in on this friends :innocent:

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Yeah! Let’s do

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Shot you a follow on Twitr


I may wanna collab soon but not at the moment

Let’s make an instagram group for this…#letscollab

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Yeah some one create

Count me in. Been warming up through my IG haha @damnitdc collab!

Give me your insta username… Let’s follow each other nd I will make a group in it… We can collab, give ideas nd shootouts ng many more

@arzunshiv everywhr

@luvji_singh on ig

Sweet @damnitdc

Have added u all