Trademarked Profile handles

As many know the Trump Administration is serious about restricting / banning Tiktok and other Chinese owned apps. A ban of this magnitude would more than likely bring large corporations and personalities to the platform (It seems out there but Byte is bigger than you know).

For those companies such as Nickelodeon, Disney, Comedy Central, will people that have already claimed these handles be required to forfeit their handles if that company requests? In my own opinion, I believe that people that got here early deserve that kind of recognition but I also believe that company’s that own that trademark are entitled to enforce its use.

Yet, if a personality were to join the app, for instance Jack Dorsey (Twitters CEO / part time Vine Killer) he would not be granted his prestigious Twitter handle @ Jack. But if someone was to use that handle to pretend to be Jack Dorsey that is obviously not ok.

In short if you have a handle that is a brand (beyond a generic term) that company should have it. Personal Names are fair game.


i- so petty :pensive::pensive:


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Ya, I agree. That’s a good argument.

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This is a good argument. My sister actually has the username @mlb. Her initials are actually mlb. As long as she doesn’t impersonate Major League Baseball and stays active, I feel like she should be able to keep the handle. If MLB does join the app, they would have to make an agreement with her to have the handle obviously following Bytes terms.

Not really sure how all of it works, but by law they might be able to just claim the handle sadly.


@flap I did a quick search and The Major League Baseball Network does have a trade mark on the letters MLB. This may be partly the reason why Twitter doesn’t allow people to have handles less than 5 letters. But in this case that Network can use their full name (Major League Baseball) and maybe a verified check if @dom adds it in.

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@flap Now let’s just hope she doesn’t post too much baseball stuff as impersonation would probably suspend her account.

Haha yeah she won’t be posting any baseball stuff. We will just have to wait and see how dom or the Byte team handles the trademark stuff.

This is decided on a case to case basis but in my opinion, a corporate entity has no claim to these names as long as you are not impersonating them. I for example have @ tesla. I did this because my name is Nikola, and having Tesla would be like a persona thing. Like the scientist, Nikola Tesla. Having said this, the company has no right to claim that username if I already have it unless I’m infringing on their trademark which would include me deceiving people into believing that I’m running the tesla account etc. As long as you stay active, and not pretend to be something you are not, you should be fine.



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Thank goodness I didn’t change my handle to ‘Quiznos’ :sweat_smile:

Some talent also have their names trademarked.

Straight up, higher profile talent have teams (managers, agents, MCN’s, etc) in place and if they want to secure a username, their teams have the ability to connect with the platform and have the username reassigned on the back end. TBH it adds a little work to their plate, but it’s not impossible to get those changes made.


This for example is absolutely unacceptable. As Byte usernames shouldn’t be bought or sold.


Hahaha I was wondering if newcomers were gonna do this

You would be surprised how many accounts are being sold currently. Very sad :frowning:

I get the case by case nature of it. But if Disney asked Dom for the Disney Handle it would be unprofessional to deny them that right. Especially being the content currently on the @ Disney handle is not remotely family friendly.


If I’m not wrong the team is against selling accounts and they can take them back from someone if reported


I would respect Disney more if they came up with something good instead.
Like @ ItsReallyUS or @ TheMouseHouse or @ YeahWeOwnEverything or @ Disney1


It’s the name of the company … If they want that handle to protect their brand image they should be free to do so.

seems kind of like a disney problem that they would take it up with byte and be resolved in one way or another. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.