Toxicity in the V2 Community

Will there be a way to deal with Toxic people in the V2 Community? Maybe some sort of punishment, or warning to try to maintain a stable community or let it roam free and let there be a Toxic Community somewhere where drama exists, I would hope to think that V2 could be positive all around but everything has to have a little toxicity :thinking:


Naturally, there would be something to combat toxic people; what did you have in mind? Currently, the way that I see this being addressed is users being proactive in flagging misbehaving users, as well as an understandable communitt guideline that warns people of this


Well the flagging system I’ve seen around on other social media sites has worked okay, but there would still be a lot of long lasting Toxic users which could cause a disruption to a community, I have always seen if I were to create something like this that these people that cause these problems get a couple warnings then a suspension from the social site then if another offense occurs a posible expolsion, even though they could still regain access after an expolsion it would say to these people “hey we are serious calm down or there will be concequences” you know what I mean? Just a little thought I’ve always had :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sometimes the issue falls within our own definitions of what is or isn’t “toxic”. It’s unfortunately such a buzzword that people are quick to call something toxic when there might be a more appropriate word. What is toxic to some people might be perfectly reasonable to others, and if it is regulated too harshly people will get upset over how strict the rules are. There has to be an element of freedom with the app, and removing every single thing that doesn’t align with our idea of the perfect V2 makes it a boring place that not too many people would want to partake in. Of course, in events of over-the-top toxicity where a significant amount of people are marginalized or otherwise targeted, there should definitely be some action taken against it. But with a social media app, like in every other social situation, there will not be perfection, but having the “option” to be toxic makes it more empowering for people to choose not to be toxic.

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There has been afew but it’s been resolved. So I guess at least we all know, any other toxic vibes around here will be dealt with.