Toxic wave came to Byte?

I’m not too sure if this is the right category (if it’s General Discussion or Off Topic) because I’m still new to the forums, but if it’s wrong please correct me.

I’ve noticed this week that a huge wave of toxic people that have came to the app, and I believe they’re from TikTok (most of them have TikTok “meme” profile pictures). Byte has done an AMAZING job removing them from the app, and people have done their best to ignore the hate comments, but I feel like there’s too many to kind of handle in one or two days. I’ve seen a lot of people on My Mix page talking about how they were harassed/bullied for sexuality, weight issues, appearance (you’re all beautiful even if you don’t think it!), etc… .

Byte is a safe community from what I’ve seen so far, and toxic people coming on to bully/harass people for what they do (and what they can’t control, or struggle to), so if you see someone that may look like they’re not joking and is genuinely being harsh towards someone, just report them so we can keep Byte non-toxic.

While I was writing this, one of my team members just brought up that someone else was harassed and turns out the person that harassed got banned (account can’t be found), so reporting does work unlike some apps where the staff team can’t read. We can’t have bullies ruin trust the creators have made on this app simply because the bullies are “bored”. Creators have made a safe place on this app and post about sensitive things and bullies take advantage of it. Please report the bullies, and tell your friends to report them too.

Ague (@ague) is a Team Managed account that is ran by Hyposent .

We have taken funny videos/clips to the next level. With over 500 followers, we provide them all with laughable/wholesome content basically hourly.


girl yeah i’ve seen that and it’s ew-

I’ve only been on my following page this week and none of them have become toxic tiktokkers. We are doing phenomenal on team beeshrine’s feed

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every single one of my posts has at least 1 comment telling me to die and its SO difficult to just report/block and to keep checking whether or not there are more. It makes me incredibly anxious to post anything.
I’m more worried about others who relate to my body shape and they see me being positive, to only see these accounts shoot me down and think to themselves ‘i’m the same size as her, therefore that counts for me as well’
I really wanna protect everyone and it’s beyond frustrating to keep focusing on every comment i see

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@stinkysteff you dropped this :crown:

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This part was actually in relation to one of the people that harassed you for being amazing. I’m pretty sure their profile picture was walter the dog. They got what they deserved which was a ban hammer straight to the face.

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@CubeOfCheese ilysm :heart:

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@ague aww yess! i like to report everyone i see who contributes towards toxic behaviour!

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you can message Cami_p and request that your account can’t accept comments from new users. (I believe this was done for many accounts during that first wave of tiktok migration back in august) I know its not an actual problem solver, but it could ease your anxiety about the comments for a little while


@bails that’s a great idea! thank you :relieved:

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