Toxic positivity

I’ve noticed a trend I consider a little worrying lately.
It, for a lack of a better term, is toxic positivity.

To be clear, I want people to be uplifted. I want people to be encouraged to make whatever content makes them happy, even if it’s not my cup of tea.

But consistently, when people point out slight issues, and problems, they’re shut down in the name of community, and that’s not right either, because a decent community…well- communicates. Including those conversations which are a little uncomfortable. It also means listening, and realizing that sometimes your good intent is lost in translation and that good people with good in mind can still accidentally cause upset and hurt.

If somebody comes to you with a problem, the first instinct shouldn’t be to shut them down.

Just something to consider.


yeah i fully agree, fake wholesomeness and trying to pretend everything is always fine is just… so wrong… especially when issues impact the community


Right. We should just be negative and push everybody off the app :ok_hand:

you have the exact mentality that is the issue. its not about always being negative, its about the fact that always being positive is what lets issues go completely unnoticed. is that what you want? do you want issues on the app to be completely unaddressed? wow


Not at all! There’s a difference between constructive criticism and constant negativity.
Positivity is excellent! I love it, especially when it comes from a genuine place.

But when people say, “hey, guys, please think about x” and get shut down over it in the name of community, and then x ends up being an issue, it’s not productive.


Whatever y’all say, man. Y’all are going to lose good people and good creators because of your inability to bite your tongue and build people up. I stayed on this app for the community aspect, now that that’s gone…:v:

whatever u say man, im going to watch ufc now lol, please dont bother commenting since you cant understand how fake positivity works!


And what about all the good people the app loses because they’re constantly gaslit into silence in the name of community?
Please read all of my first post. Absorb it. Realize it’s not about any one incident or individual, but a general pattern I’ve noticed. Realize I want this app to succeed.


With all due respect, if I had the choice to go to a party with a piece of poo or you, I’d choose the poo and eat it.

quite frankly, i dont care (please do not reply i am watching ufc)


Are you seriously endorsing zero criticism? ‘Biting your tongue and building people up’ is not constructive in any way, especially if someone is problematic.


gotta be a supportive community!!! i will support byte creators no matter what!!!


Criticism does not equal toxic negativity but i guess some ppl just do not understand that…


its crazy how the people who preach fake positivity are always the ones that have a reason to be criticised :slight_smile:


To be fair, I totally understand not being in a place/not wanting criticism, which is why I will always solicit it if I want it and ask before providing mine, but part of uplifting somebody to me is ensuring they’re the best they can be. Which includes feedback and learning sometimes!


If a friend let me walk around all day with spinach in my teeth I’d be annoyed at my friend for not telling me. Sure I was happy and thought everything was fine, but at the end of the day I realized I had spinach in my teeth. Real friends tell friends when they have spinach in their teeth.


you have spinach in your teeth


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Yeah but they don’t do so in public. They tell them that shit privately, so thanks for proving my point that some people on this app are douchebags.

But for the record I like you and your material a lot, so I will leave it at that. I don’t want to argue with you or @gwynerso because I really do respect both of you…as individuals and creators.