Top Video Editors For Beginners | Where should I start?

If video isn’t already an important part of your content marketing strategy, odds are it’s about to be; one-third of online activity is spent watching video, and video itself is predicted to account for more than 80% of all internet traffic by 2019. If that doesn’t surprise you already, we don’t know what will!! 80%!

For all the folks out there looking to continue to grow their organic traffic and want to immerse themselves into the video editing community or simply want to learn about new software to increase their chances of making that one perfect video, then you’re on the right place!

Not an expert? Don’t know how to edit videos? Don’t worry, that’s why this is a beginners guide.

Let’s dive in! Here are some of the best video editing software or video editing apps for beginners-from cheapest (FREE!) to most expensive.

1- Apple iMovie

We’re so sorry for our Android folks, iMovie is an apple’s integrated video editing software.

For those working on computers, this one doesn’t apply; but we won’t say that If you’re looking for simplicity and elegance, it doesn’t really get much better than Apple iMovie.

Apple iMovie offers high-fidelity filters, a green-screen, or “chroma-key” tool, which allows you to place your characters in exotic locations, Hawaii? Been there, done that!
And it also offers integrated classic sound effects, custom tracks, and sounds, and integrated social platform integration to export like a legend.

  • Pricing: Free

2- Nero Video

One of the cheapest options around, Nerio video comes well-stocked with a lot of the tricks and effects you’ll find among other products vying for video editing supremacy. If you’re going to spend money learning how to edit videos, however, you might want to steer clear. Nero just doesn’t have speed and functionality of the other products listed here, and if it’s value proposition is its price, is still not all that cheap.

  • Pricing: 50$

3- Filmora from Wondershare

When it comes to free video editing software, Filmora is about as multi-faceted as they come. Filmora is Wondershare’s standard, simple, high-quality video editing offering; but Wondershare also offers FilmoraGo (for mobile editing) and Filmora Scrn (for screen recording and editing). The design is intuitive and easy to use, and comes replete with filters, overlays, motion elements, transitions, and a small selection of royalty-free music. Here are a few more of the “basics” Filmora offers:

  • 4K Editing Support
  • Gif Support
  • Noise Removal
  • Reverse
  • Social Import
  • Precision Speed Control
  • Frame by Frame Preview
  • Color Tuning
  • Pan and Zoon
  • 1:1 & Portrait Support

4k and gif support are boilerplate features for most video editing products today, but one thing Filmora does particularly well is titles. Title tools are trending in video software, and while Filmora’s doesn’t have the functionality of say, an Apple Final Cut Pro X, which can superimpose 3D titles over your videos and rotate them on three axes, it nonetheless has some snazzy titling features for the money you’re spending.

Another Filmora feature beginners to video editing will find attractive is “Easy Mode,” which allows you to create fun, polished edits by merely dragging and dropping clips, choosing a theme, and selecting music.

It is safe to say that Fillmora is our favorite to use, but hey, this is not a bias list.

  • Pricing: Starts at $59.99 for a lifetime license; or, $39.99 for a year. (Free with watermark)

4- Adobe Premiere Elements

We include Premiere Elements on the list mostly because it’s been an industry leader in the video editing game for some time. And $79.99 is not egregious, but we’re here to say that at that price, you’re mostly paying for the name. In the time since Premiere Elements’ inception, too many other products have surpassed it in speed and capability for us to place it among the cream of the crop. That’s to take nothing away from Premiere Elements’ usability, though—specifically for beginners.

The Guided Edits feature makes Adobe Premiere a particularly attractive option for beginners, as it allows them to take on both quick edits and advanced projects with substantial assistance from the software.

Pricing: One-time payment of $79.99

5- Adobe Premiere Pro

With a virtually unmatched suite of features, 360 VR and 4k support, and a newly implemented ability to store, organize, and share assets online with a team, Adobe Premiere Pro is perhaps the most complete piece of video editing software around.

One of the more dazzling of Premiere Pro’s tools is the Lumetri Color tool, which offers color adjustment and manipulation on par with that of a Photoshop. The multi-cam feature is also a winner—whereas most systems allow you to work with a limited number of camera angles, Premiere Pro’s latest iteration allows for an unlimited amount.

Throw in a wealth of titling options, readily connected ancillary apps (like Photoshop and After Effects), and a flexible, easy-to-use interface, and Premiere Pro is a no brainer.

*Pricing: $19.99/month

Final Thoughts

Don’t stress! Any of the above software apps would make a fine choice for a beginner.

Think about your budget, your current level of expertise, and how much time you’re willing to devote to learning a new skill. Whether you’re looking for the best video editing software for YouTube, or the responsibility has simply fallen on you to get your team’s video marketing strategy up to snuff—don’t wait around deliberating! Get invested in one of these video editing products, and make it yours.


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Why does no one ever mention davinci resolve
It’s free and really professional provides a lot more than iMovie I’ll stop talking before it looks like I’m sponsored by them, but otherwise nice topic


We do really need to talk more about it, its latests updates have made it a powerful video editing tool, but we haven’t really had the chance of using it properly.


Thanks for the tips iDiscover :sunglasses:

CuteCut is also a good option to begin with

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Hitfilm express
Very good free software

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Final Cut Pro X is user friendly and very easy to learn.
But it’s $299 tho.

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nice post :+1:t2:
i will just be using cutecut to make my bytes, even tho i have premiere pro. it’s simple and just what i need and i love how i can make something on my phone/ipad whenever ;$

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Yo, you should throw in DaVinci Resolve, a free and very powerful editor.

Honestly Nero is a very basic editor lacking features that even many free software has. Resolve has way more features even in the free version.

Also HitFilm Express Free version is great.

Haven’t tried these all, but adobe premiere pro is where it’s at. More videos on tutorials on this for youtube compared to some of the other softwares I’ve used