Top page on reddit!

Wow I just had the craziest couple hours. 15 hours ago I posted a video on YouTube of Shaun White in a Mario type game and over night it got to the front page of Reddit and 230k views counting. I really want Shaun to see it, I’m pretty sure he will! Here is the video:


Yoo congrats!! Pretty funny vid :joy: also a super sick run. But dang front page of reddit is really good exposure way to go!

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nice!!! it’s really good lol i can imagine that took forever

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Congrats!! Still love this video so much! Hopefully he does see it lol

Congratz! You made the trending page on YouTube! Crazy to think how things can change within a couple of hours


I haven’t made it on YouTube trending yet

Editing skills on point… can’t wait to see videos on v2 if they’re funny like this :joy::joy:

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Your deserve it with all the hard work you out into the video!

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Yoo how did u make it to Reddit did u use specific tags etc? Shared on Reddit did u bump it somehow

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Wow that’s impressive, congrats man!!

I posted just one video and just let it go

Oh wow I didn’t know there were different trending pages for each country! Wow!

Thanks man!

Heck yeah! That’s an awesome achievement glad you made it :slight_smile:

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This is the best thing on Earth.

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Seen this in Snapchat, congrats man!